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Since version 3.0 Pad is multilingual.

If you speak an other language and if you're able to translate Pad, you will get a free license. Please contact us before you start. Thanks a lot.

The current version includes the following languages (may be changed at Options|Options):

  • German by Hesky-Data Software
  • English by Hesky-Data Software
  • French by Robert Lagadec
  • Spanish by Gonzalo Ferreira
    (if you need a free or very cheap translation service: G. Ferreira (HTML-Help Format) is the man.)

    Other languages to download:

  • Spanish language file update, information about Pad
  • Spanish help file

    To use a plugin, download one of the following by right-clicking it, selecting "Save link as..." and saving it to the [Pad folder]\Plugins directory. Now extract the files, if it is a zip file. You'll see the plugin in the Insert menu, next time you start Pad.

    No plugins available, currently. The "image tag" plugin has been included in Pad and can be used in the Edit|Copy Other menu.

    Here you find a selection of banners to put on your web site.
    This page will become a repository for banners created by Pad user. If you want to share your banner with others, feel free to
    submit your banner as email attachment. Please do not submit very large banners.

    Made with Pad  Created with Pad  Made with Pad !!  Made with Pad  Created with Pad  Made with Pad

    Made with Pad !  get pad ! 

    Not available, yet.

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    Address: www.hds-pad.de (German) or www.hds-pad.com (English)