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  • the only text and HTML editor to include both a word processor and an image viewer
  • NEW syntax highlighting for 36 programming languages now included
  • NEW Create document classes to define defaults for specific document types
  • NEW More than 20 text modification features such as wrap text, align text, sorting, change case, remove blanks, indent, convert ASCII to ANSI, or vice versa ...
  • NEW unlimited undo and redo
  • Project support
  • handy file browser
  • open as many large documents as you want, this is only limited by your computer memory
  • handy tab bar to switch between the documents
  • warm start: begin just where you last left off
  • Bookmarks support
  • NEW macro player
  • NEW complete script language with 60+ commands to create time saving clip libraries
  • powerful Search&Replace (including regular expressions)
  • convert key words using a hot key (Glossary function)
  • Templates
  • NEW block (column) selection mode
  • NEW print (with syntax highlighting support)
  • line bookmarks support
  • NEW text statistics
  • clipboard mirror function to capture its changes
  • NEW display line numbers
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) support

  • NEW display other programs, capture DOS command outputs and display web sites
  • automatically convert special characters (e.g. é or €) into HTML code
  • individually customize fonts and background colors
  • full drag&drop support (documents from the Explorer and text fragments e.g. to/from Wordpad)
  • insert date/time in multiple formats
  • NEW Display special symbols (·¶_)
  • NEW very fast

  • many HTML and other programming features
  • insert HTML color code
  • create HTML image tag (HTML command to display images)
  • NEW Export to HTML and RTF
  • NEW save to PC, Unix or Mac format
  • completely customizable toolbars
  • plugin enabled
  • Erase, Move, Rename or Email documents
  • multi language support
  • PNG image format support
  • extended documentation
  • all standard features

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