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Version: 4.00
System requirements: Win 95/98/NT 4/2000/ME/XP; ca. 2 MB of free disc space and the Microsoft HTMLHelp Viewer, but available on most computers. If not, please download it below.
Download size: approx. 1.3 MB
Status: Shareware, 30 days of evaluation (what's shareware?)
Downloading and testing is free!
Additional information: PAD file:
  • Info about PAD files
  • Our PAD file (only download)
  • PAD-Factsheet (all info on one page)

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    Product Size Notes Download
    Pad 4.00 1.3 MB major update, 06 December 2001
  • Europe
  • Europe 2
  • Europe 3
  • Pad Patch - Patching (updating) Pad is very time-saving.
    >> more about it
  • Pad 3.00 to 3.01 - 255 KB
  • Pad 3.01 to 3.02 - 153 KB
  • Pad 3.02 to 3.03 - 267 KB
  • Pad 3.03 to 3.04 - 183 KB
  • Pad 4: major update, no patch
  • Comctl32.dll update 0.5 MB fixes several problems, eg. correct display of the toolbar 50comupd.exe
    Microsoft HTMLHelp Viewer approx. 1.6 MB required to view the help file. (mostly) for Windows 95 users, only. More about it. hhupd.exe

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