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Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

5/5 stars 5 of 5 stars at ZDNet
Pad is an excellent productivity application that combines an image viewer with a powerful text editor that has lots of bells and whistles. It offers an attractive tabbed multidocument interface and a host of tools that make it a fine choice for writing HTML code. Change case, HTML conversions, an HTML color picker, template support, and an integrated cliplist are among these features. An integrated file browser, full .rtf support, text and file bookmarking, print preview, and powerful search-and-replace features are also offered. A glossary feature lets you save keystrokes by using your own shorthand techniques. For all it does well, Pad doesn't offer multilevel undo or spell-checking. Excellent documentation is available.
Note: these features are planned.

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SoftList says: WOW! SoftList says: WOW!


I've had Pad for about a month and I'm in love.. This is just SUCH a great editor!!! Everything is so darn good. Immaculate programming. The interface is clean and clear but also artistic.
Hesky-Data Software's "Pad" is very good indeed. http://www.hds-pad.com/ Best text editor I've found. Lovely clean clear interface. Many many features.
Clip libraries. Internal script language. Plugins. Very customisable. Better than EditPad Pro (less intrusive) and cheaper. Fast, multidocument + images.
A. Bruce-Chwatt

It's one of my most favorite programs. I have, I bet, 35 programs or more and this is in the top three. I don't know what I would do without this one. I admire the way you handled this (email answer) for me.

"...I love a program that allows me to run it with ease and efficiency .... this is the first program that I have downloaded.............and I download all the time.......that gives me information I can understand and do something with...........thank you..........your ardent admirer"

I purchased ($26) xyView (original name replaced) yesterday. I needed to look at image files fast. Today I found Pad.
I am looking forward to using Pad. I should have paid you the $26.
Thanks for a great tool!

"I much appreciate your producing such a useful program AND then making it available for the downloading. It opens graphics files my version of Photo House (from Corel's WordPerfect Suite, version 8) will not, and that's nice.Though, as you see, there's nothing I'm desperately waiting for! Thank you again for producing something which so effectively does what I was looking for."

"A very nice interface of Pad 2.5 locked me to download it and test the program. My congratulations, very well done, no buggs so far, very fast loading & opening files, fine icons in the main window."

"Thanks for a really GREAT program!"

"I have been only using Pad for a few days and find a very nicely put together tool."

"Pad is a wonderful little notepad, great graphics, I love it and thank you for your work."

"Regards from Spain and thanks for such great editor."

"I've tested your editor & first of all i must say that IT IS A REALLY GOOOD editor :)"

"Thanks for this very useful program"

"Seems pretty cool."

"You have a winner here! I love your pretty icons! Thank you for a very nice text editor!"

"Your Pad is absolutly great! That's exactly what I need. Simple and fast enough and on my opinion, very good designed."

"I like your PAD editor."

"Nice programs"

"I have just downloaded the Pad application and must say that it just fantastic. Besides being able to open so many file types it does it in a very elegant and pleasant interface. Great !"

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